Worse Than a Grinch~#rhyme #Dr.Seuss #type1diabetes #juvenilediabetes #TheMagicShop

I wrote this back around Christmastime for a friend who has a five-year old son diagnosed with juvenile Diabetes. This is a difficult situation that no child or parent should ever have to go through. I recently took it out and modified it a bit. I hope you enjoy it and I implore you to please educate yourselves on this epidemic diseasese. Thank you, readers.

This story had happened at a place long ago. At a time before Christmas, in a time before snow.

The trees in Whoville had changed all their leaves. Autumn had come and was eager to please.

The Grinch was still mean and disliked all things Yule. But, there once was a day when he broke that “mean” rule.

A bad thing arrived, it showed up quite quick. It touched the Who kids and made them quite sick.

A thing so bad it made that Grinch shed a tear. He broke down in sadness instead of his sneer.

“I’m not for this Christmas and all of its rot. But to have children sick, this I will have not!”

The Grinch spoke out loud as if to make this a fact. He then left his cold cave holding his yellow dog Max.

All of Whoville heard the Grinch coming through. They jumped out of bed, they threw on their shoes.

“Don’t be afraid” he voice eager to please. “I’m want to help out to beat this disease”.

The Grinch called the Who people to the center of town, He spoke to them all and then bowed his head down.

“Let’s pray for a cure for these poor girls and boys, they need to be healthy and playing with toys.”

“let’s try to learn more and help educate. Lets support all the parents who continue to wait”.

The holiday season was still months away, He would still steal Christmas just to return it the next day.

This sickness of kids brings all types together. In all types of people in all types of weather.

All of Whoville agreed as quick as a cinch, this thing Diabetes was worse than the Grinch.

For Jacob and all the other children around the world like him.

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