Still Cool~#shortfiction #Fathersday #TheMagicShop

He used to be so cool.   Louis Shanahan would walk down the halls of his High School and all the kids would whisper, “That’s COOOL LOU”.   He just had a hip kind of way about him. He had this demeanor that just flowed out of him of just “coolness”.   All the guys wanted him as their best friend and the girls loved when he talked to them.   Lou also knew when stuff  was cool.  He always knew first about the newest music before anyone else(his Dad owned a record store) and he always had the latest “cool guy” fashions (his Mom was the young adult clothes buyer for Macy’s).   But, it really was the way Lou just presented himself to everyone that made him who he was.   He had this contagious charm that just engulfed anyone he talked too.   Even the teachers felt the same way about him.  They felt that one day,  Lou would amount to be something great in the world. People genuinely listened to Lou. They were swayed by his words, they followed his advice and tried to mimic his behaviors.  This was a young man who was fully in control of the world that he lived in.  He wouldn’t want it any other way.


The Dad stood there with a newly covered face full of his son’s pee.   Jason didn’t really care where he shot it out,  being only five months old.   For him,  it was a kind of “Don’t care, watch your hair” mentality.   It didn’t seem to bother his Dad too much either, almost as if he was immune to it.   The Dad wiped off his face with a tissue and continued to change Jason’s soiled diaper.   Having a blast of urine sprayed at you was now the norm in his life.  He was more concerned about Emma’s tiara getting stained.   She made him wear it in acting out his role of “The Snow Wonder Queen” in his six-year-old daughter’s daily plays.

“There ya go, all fresh!”  The Dad said as he finished the last strap on Jason’s diaper. Emma was now running through the kitchen that was down the hall and screaming,


She was of course,  referring to her eight year old sister, Allison.  “Stinky-nose” was Emma’s personal favorite,alongside “Meany-face”.  Dad and Mom preferred to secretly call  Allison  ‘The Enabler’, since she was the one who started all the games with  Emma and herself  running through any type of place involving either people eating or just well, anywhere that had a floor.

The Dad looked down at Jason.  “Well, son..lets go see what your sisters are up to”.

Jason looked up at him with his clear blue eyes, grimaced  and then proceeded to drop a bowel movement in his fresh diaper.   The aroma hitting the Dad’s nose coincided with the crash of his daughter’s slamming into something in the other room.    Jason smiled, perhaps somehow sensing that he wasn’t the one who had to change him, again.

Louis Shanahan looked at himself in the mirror that hung on Jason’s wall.  The same mirror he had walked past many a sleepless nights holding something loud, new and miraculous.  His eyelashes still had a few drops of Jason’s pee glistening in the room’s light. Emma’s tiara(which he had to wear in the Disney store to show her it would fit him before buying it) was crooked on his head but it was dry at least. He straightened the tiara and wiped his eyes with a tissue.

Well, it is what it is.” He thought. ‘I at least look COOL in this tiara”.

He reached down under the changing table and grabbed a fresh diaper. He would soon head down the hall to ‘interrogate” his daughters into trying to get any kind of factually story from them. He often thought he was speaking some form of ‘unique alien language’ to them since the warnings he made were often met with looks of total astonishment and of course, denial.  He looked in the mirror again and smiled.

Louis Shanahan didn’t realize at the moment, that being a Dad who could handle all this and smile-was the coolest thing he could possibly be.

And is turned out, he did indeed amount to something great in the world, A father.

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