Simple Love~#poetry #TheMagicShop

There’s that one thing that does it for all of us.

Watching that person do a random act of kindness for a stranger.

Seeing them complete a task that inspires you and others to be better people.

That look of sincere attention they give you on your every word during conversation.

She had given him all of this, but a simple sound captured him.

He saw her daily throughout the day.

Small talk connected them.

Feelings within him were stirred.

Then he heard her on their walk through a park.

A routine of welcome creates comfort for us.

Joy is born from the warmth you receive from them.

A sense of security comes from their words of guidance.

Then there’s that one thing that sparks your realization.

He heard her laughter and he knew from that moment on that he loved her.

What creates your love for another?

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